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[Anime] G-Gundam Cameos

When Sunrise gets bored

Picture from Gundam Wikia

I decided to re-watch G-Gundam recently as my memory about the series has already gotten really blurry.  And "LOL" and behold...

I first got to watch the G-Gundam series during the late 90s thru local television (dubbed in Filipino) but I only got to watch the series on holidays (I was in High School) and so I was not able to connect the story in the right way.  More than a decade later, I decided to watch it in its entirety thru online means.  Cheesy as it is (it is like Street Fighter characters in Gundams) I still like the general concept compared to the Build Fighter series.  The concept of nations battling every 4 years for absolute rule over space and Earth (instead of World Wars) by sending their very best martial artist - this is something that appeals more to me.  Also, those fighters in the Gundams are linked directly to their Gundams (Mobile Fighters); the trace link system (or something like that) perfectly syncs whatever movement the fighter inside does into the Gundam's own action, which is also double-edged, since any damage the Mobile Fighter receives will have a corresponding feedback to the fighter pilot inside - which I believe gives even more motivation for the fighter pilot to perform better since he/she is directly at stake or is subjected to the greatest risk whether he/she loses or wins the fight.  I preferred G-Gundam because of this concept because it is not technology that will win a fight, rather the fighter pilot's martial art and skill and is not one that only sits in a cockpit or chair that will not die upon losing.  Also, the thought that your nation's future is also at stake adds to your own motivation to win the fights.

Now you see, the concept of G-Gundam's story is not original at all.  As far as I know, it already has been told in novels before, and in fact, the first movie I saw that has this same concept is the movie Robot Jox (1989)
Pic from IMDB
The concept is almost the same:  After WWIII, mankind is already sick of wars and so instead of sending out armies against each other, they just send their best martial artist riding these huge mechs controlling the mechs with their own movement (i.e. trace link system).  This here movie, though, features the conflict of the Cold War during those times and as such, features the rivalry between U.S. and U.S.S.R.  You might want to watch this movie just for the hell of it, it's not the best but I believe it is worth your free time.

Anyway, going back to G-Gundam, on the last episodes of the series, Domon Kasshu (the main protagonist) wins the tournament, wins the title of 'Gundam of All Gundams', and wins Neo Japan the right to rule over all of space and Earth by the defeating the Devil Gundam and his own master.  I don't consider this as spoiler because you should all know how animes like this flow.  Just when all thought that normal life is about to continue on, the deranged Devil Gundam (the glitched version of the Ultimate Gundam) is revived by a deranged Major Ulube by offering Domon's love interest, Rain, to the Devil Gundam as its new and ultimate life unit (or battery as one would say).  There probably were a lot of hentai moments involved given the tentacles, Rain becoming naked after the initial assimilation, Rain giving that 'moan' (yes, she did not scream) when the Devil Gundam fully resurrected and the fact that they said that the ultimate life source unit for the Devil Gundam is one that can 'give birth to new generations of life' which is basically a female human (Rain was fully naked with her lower-half body connected and inside a dock with lots of tentacles holding her in).  After the Devil Gundam latched and assimilated the Neo Japan Colony, it proceeded on assimilating Earth itself next.  Just when all hope is lost, all Gundams (literally all in production and prototypes) from all nations of the world formed a Gundam Federation to fend off the invasion this is where the funny things happened - cameos!

During that part when all Gundams from all nation decided to join forces (Ep. 48), they managed to go into space with the help of Neo Sweden lending them the rocket boosters they need to escape the Earth's atmosphere.  We see an unmistakable reference to the grandaddy of all Gundams, the RX-78-2 joining in the fun:
So this is where Amuro disappeared to after Char's counterattack.
Probably missed the fun of being a newtype.
Out of frame, you should also be able to see probably a Crossbone Gundam also launching, and probably a Hyaku Shiki or something.

On Episode 49, the Devil Gundam/Devil Colony seemed unstoppable.  But the newly formed Gundam Federation is featured doing awesome stunts and seems to be doing a great job in defending Earth.  Then we see, this below.
Obviously the GP01/Fb
That is surely a reference to the Gundam GP01/Fb Zephyranthes (0083 Stardust Memory), piloted by the most unfortunate Gundam pilot up to date.  Seems that Kou Uraki want to try his luck again after that quick end to his Gundam career.

Next is the part still in Ep. 49 when the Devil Gundam is making a huge push towards Earth, making the Gundam Federation up their game to hold the line.  We get a taste of some Wild Beat Communication for a few seconds.
Heero Yuy feeling his rhythm emotion
The Wing came in but I was sad it didn't use its Buster Cannon.  I think Heero pushed 'that button' he really likes to push instead of the trigger.  This suit exploded 1 second after this shot is taken.

And lastly, after Domon and Rain got reunited and using that Love-Love Tenkyouken on the Devil Gundam, the Gundam Federation line and celebrated.  Different Gundam groups were framed in different scenes, but I found this one there:
Aside from the Gundam finalists, flying along with them are Gundam F91, Zeta Gundam, a resurrected Wing Gundam, a mecha from a Super Robot series I don' know, and others that I can't see due to the video resolution.  Seabook probably wants to take the F91 for a spin before changing to the Crossbone.  The other parts of Kamille's ego might have materialized in this universe after that bout with Paptimus.

LOL, G-Gundam really is something worth re-watching.
What Gundam series would you like to re-watch again and again?
Comment down below because I also need ideas on watch and/or re-watch :D

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