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Attention! Achtung!

Greetings and welcome!
My name is Gimel(ジメル)and sometimes I am know online as GeN_GiM or GeNeRaL which was my gaming name when I was still playing casual-competitive RTS games.

I live in the Philippines and currently work in a multinational company.  I am primarily interested in Japanese stuff (mainly Language or 日本語 and culture).  Another thing I have now largely invested in right now is plastic model building or as referred to in Japanese 'PLAMO' - プラモ.

This will be my journal about my projects in plastic modelling.  Please note, I am no master or expert in this craft and my main point for this is diving into modelling in a learning perspective aiming to show visitors of this blog to techniques and processes that will hopefully help and give tips to beginners.  Hopefully, experienced modellers might also get something from my posts.
Also, I will be generally be in to GUNPLA or Gundam Plastic Models but I will be delving on other types from time to time.
MG 1/100 Sazabi Ver. Ka
MG 1/100 Sazabi Ver. Ka which I finished Dec. 31, 2014

Being in the Philippines, most of the materials and tools for this hobby is scarce or pretty much relatively expensive as we mostly import things.  Another point of this journal is to show that you don't really need to acquire hobby-grade products.  All hobby-grade products are all based on already existing products just re-named for this hobby.  Given so, I will try my best to document those alternatives that will probably help save money.

Last point, whether anyone comes to this journal or not.  This will be my personal log on things about plamo so I can use it as reference for future projects and/or if someone asks for tips, I can easily point them her LOL.

And so, wish me luck and I hope that you join me in this Plamo Journey!  You are dismissed!

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