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[Photoshoot][Project] HGUC 1/144 RX-78-GP02A 'Physallis' Type-MLRS Extra

1st finished project of 2015 - Photo-ops

Just recently, I started to do proper photo-ops for my builds.  Now that the build documentation is done, .  Here are the pics for the finished HGUC GP02 MLRS!

If you want to check how I built this, check the links below:
For part 1, CLICK HERE
For part 2, CLICK HERE
For part 3, CLICK HERE
For part 4 (final part) , CLICK HERE

Info about RX-78-GP02A MLRS

As far as I know, the GP02 first appeared in the OVA mini-series 0083 Stardust Memory.  It was introduced along with the GP01 (Zephyranthes) and part of the Earth Federation's Gundam Project.  Code named, Physallis (サイさリス or SAISARISU/SAISALIS as it is pronounced/written in Japanese media), it was supposed to be inserted into operations along with the GP01; with the GP01 providing primary combat and assault in close-quarters, the GP02's main role is to delivery a single yet deciding ordinance - its atomic ordinance delivered mid-range thru its Atomic Bazooka, and actually survive the blast to ensure that total annihilation is confirmed.  Supposed to be sortied from the Albion, it was gundam-jacked by Anavel Gato (high-ranking officer of the Delaz fleet, Zeon Remnants) which set Kou Uraki's fate at least for the next months after.  GP01 and GP02 were both designed under Anaheim Electronic's Nina Purpleton.  The GP02 also technically was the first Gundam to have a green beam saber and considered to be one of those that have the strongest beam saber power output in Universal Century.  The GP02 was destroyed along with the GP01/Fb, when Anavel and Kou dueled until they were both forced to jettison their mobile suits as both reached critical damages.
HG GP02 MLRS box art
First HG GP02A kit (c/o
This specific kit, however, is basically not the same design as it was in the OVA.  The first HG kit and MG version of the GP02 are the closest kit-forms of the OVA.  This GP02A MLRS HG kit is based on a video game (not sure if it is a PSP or PS2/3 game).
Picture from
Features the MG and first HG versions
 The kit still comes with an atomic bazooka but it is no longer the same design as with the first HG and MG.  As the name suggests, this comes with an MLRS (goes something like Multiple Launch Rocket System), with 1 pair of MLRS binders mounted on the backpacks (3 on each side).  The bare plastic of the kit also has a slightly different color compare to the older kits.  Like other bulky mobile suits, this kit has less articulation due to the said bulkiness.

Short info

Modeller: Gimel M. Tomines
Total build time:  4 months

It was not I who snapped these photos.  My younger brother who runs a freelance photography studio did the shots.  If you're in the Philippines (Metro Manila) and interested in doing other types of photoshoots, you could check out his FB page here and contact him from there.

I just did the direction of the shots, and I apologize beforehand as the poses will be seemingly 'repetitive'.  Nonetheless, here they are, I hope you enjoy and forgive the painting mistakes you will spot from the pictures :D  これでも、よろしくお願いします!


Again, hope you enjoyed this whole series, until the next build! :D

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