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[Project][WIP] Penelope Ep3: Testing New Alclads for the Model Comprehend RX-104 Penelope Gundoom

Penelope Gundoom WIP#3: Paint Trial part 2

Slow and easy does it, more paint trials - this time I tested my new Alclads!

As you guys already know, I am working on how to execute the candy-toning of the yellow parts of the Penelope I am building.  So far, my now preferred process will be:
  1. Gloss black base layer
  2. Alclad Polished Aluminum layer
  3. Black Tint Pre-shading
  4. Bosny Honda Yellow top-coat
Check out the 1st experiment I did here.
But ever since then, (and while slacking around) I was able to get new Alclad II paints.  One of them actually caught my attention.
 Added to my Alclad supplies are the following (left to right):
  • Duraluminum
  • Holomatic Spectral-Chrome
  • Black Chrome
  • Gloss Black Base
  • Gunmetal

Given so, I loaded each to my airbrush and here the results.  Note that these are 'unbuffed' and these results are basically how it will look like once dry.

Gloss Black Base
Alclad Gloss Black Base
As with normal candy-toning processes, you will need a good glossy black base.  Well it doesn't necessary have to be black but a black backing for metallics appeals to me and helps me gauge if I already painted the metallics well enough or not.  One thing worth noting about this is that it is enamel-based.  Judging from its smell, opacity, carrier liquid, and levelling properties, I initially assumed it is enamel and later it was confirmed by my friend that it is indeed enamel (also confirmed in JMN Hobby Square where I bought this).  Being enamel-based, it can be sprayed directly to the plastic even without an initial primer as it actually acts as the primer itself.  Enamels are good priming agents next to lacquers and so you can also use this for projects that are aimed for glossy finishes.  Other than priming, I am guessing it can be a good medium for reverse-washing - that painting method that became popular because of the Sinanju kits.  This paint also recommends 24 hours or curing and cures to a smooth glossy finish.  I primed all test spoons using this and proceeded to paint over them with the other metallics.

Alclad Duraluminum
 I actually already saw this paint used before and I said I just have to have it in my supplies.  It's actually a darker shade of the normal aluminum and it actually finishes to a matte texture (at least that is how it ended on my tests), but still keeps that very 'raw' metallic look (not gloss) which I like.  I tried to buff it but the surface is so tough that I don't think it will buff the way I expect it to.  One thing to note is that it doesn't actually recommend using a gloss black - it just needs the normal surfacer-primers which is kind of logical since it will not result to a glossy finish after all.

Alclad Gunmetal
 First thing to note is that this, like the Duraluminum, does not need a glossy base.  It actually finishes matte.  I was actually expecting something else but this became interesting.  The paint itself is a black base with metal particles in it.  The result is predominantly black with subtle amounts of metal particles resulting to a 'dark gunmetal' color.  Not sure what 'gun' this metallic color is based on but this is one interesting color I might use for painting armor model kits or grunt mobile suits (and their weapons).

Black Chrome
Alclad Black Chrome
 JMN Hobby Square didn't get a shipment of Chrome during the time I bought new paints, but they did have this.  I really, really like this color.  It may not have the same flexibility (in terms of uses) as the normal Chrome one, but this color will have beautiful applications in my future projects.  Unbuffed, it already has a nice mirror finish and possesses that dark chrome color and shine that people might find interesting.

Holomatic Spectral-Chrome
Alclad Holomatic Spectral-Chrome
Now this one is the main reason I got these new paints.  I found how this finishes when used on lexan.  I am not yet sure if this is buffable but I'll see after it cures (24 hours is recommended by Alclad).  You can spray this over Chrome or Polished Aluminum or you could just use the ordinary Black Base.  I think it really is supposed to be more of a tinting or special coating to be sprayed over high-shine metallics which gives that holomatic or something that causes light to separate into 7 colors as it bounces from its surface.  Now this is something I will want to see candy-toned!

Extra: Polished Aluminum
Alclad Polished Aluminum

 I just decided to do another test using the one and this time making it cleaner that the first test I did.  I will then compare this to the holo-chrome results after candy-toning.


I've lined up here the results for Holo-Chrome, Polished Aluminum and Black Chrome (left to right).
Fucked up the Polished Aluminum test case
I again sprayed Bosny's Black Tint as pre-shading for the Holo-Chrome and the Polished Aluminum but it is evident that I screwed the preshading for the Polished Aluminum.  I must added too much thinner LOL.

I was actually disappointed on the results of the Holo-Chrome.  While it preserved its vibrance, the holo effect was dumbed down.  My phone's camera can no longer capture it and you will have to look close to it (or place it under a focused source of lighting) for one to just see a hint of it.  (Maybe I should've sprayed a couple coats of Wipe and Shine before the clear yellow).

Disappointed as I was with the holo-chrome, the Black Chrome came out surprisingly great.  It produced a kind of 'polished gold' finish.  What even more surprising is that it has this kind of self-shading property in which parts where light can directly touch will produce a bright and shiny luster will keeping an evident black tint to other parts away from the light source.  This is the kind of shading I am looking for since I no longer have to pre-shade parts as the blackness of the chrome will take care of it.  Given so, I decided to use Black Chrome for the small parts of the build.
Here are the vents and other small yellow parts painted with Gloss Black.  Pardon the shitty handmade mounting sticks I used.
Now here are the V-fins after the candying process.  Simple but effective.

Now, even with my now strong preference towards Black Chrome, I still have plans for the holo-chrome.  I plan to use it for the bigger parts as it might have better results on parts with a larger surface area, so let's see.

Now that's out of the way, I can finally move forward and paint the other armor parts.
Here they are, waiting for me, all primed and ready.

This will keep me busy for days and/or weeks and so, until my next update.  Thank you for the visit! :D

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