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[Unboxing] Bandai MG 1/100 RX-78-02 Gundam The Origin Version

Gundam Rising!

Got another kit early this December and yes, it's another granddaddy!  This time it's the re-imagined version: The Origin version!  Time to see what's inside :D


You might be wondering, "Why Bandai? Why another version of the first Gundam?"  Just to start you off, the original story from 1980's anime series is being retold in manga format.  I haven't read it yet but from my basic understanding, the The Origin series has some new elements added to the original story.  I think that the The Origin series aims to tell the story as it was originally meant to be told (I hope Amuro won't die by the end of the series, though).

From Gundam Wikia
There is also a new movie series of the same name that started earlier this year (2015).  The movie series, however, started with how Char Aznable came to be, instead of the original beginning where Side 7 was attacked by some recon Zaku II's.

In terms of scale model kits, Bandai already has a number of HG 1/144 kits based on the The Origin series, on which they started with Char's Zaku II.  If you want to check my unboxing of the said kit, click here.  Also after the manga series started, they also released a Gundam Fix Figuration for the granddaddy.
GFF RX-78-02 Gundam (The Origin)
Picture from
I was actually tempted to get this before but I held in the urge and just prayed for an MG kit to be released.  Lo and behold, I got my wish before the year ended xD

One big thing to note about this version is that it was re-designed to be a meaner killing machine than the original design.  If you would like to check the tech details on this baby, kindly check Gundam Wikia for it :)

Now, before we get in to unboxing itself, let me just note that the The Origin version of the Gundam is numbered as RX-78-02 departing from what we know as the RX-78-2.  It is still referred to as 'Gundam'.  Not completely sure but in the The Origin series, they put the extra '0' before the 2 probably to imply that it is a different one from the original anime.  With that put aside, time to dive in to contents of the kit.

The Presentation

Main Box Art

Box Side 1

Box Side 2 and 4

Box Side 3

Box Comparison
The Origin vs Ver 3.0
*The box size of the The Origin version and the Ver.3.0 are basically the same.  Even the thickness is the same.
Instructions Manual - Front

Instructions Manual - Back
Overall, the boxing itself presents this Gundam in a much more menacing look, probably to really showcase how the White Devil got its name.

Parts Count

Despite the relatively large box, I'd dare say that the kit has less runners compared to the Ver.3.0.  Reading the instructions, I also saw that the build will be less complicated compared the 3.0 which I believe is nice for people like me who paint or customize their kits.

Runner A
SB-1 (Beam Saber effect parts)
 *Worth mentioning is that the kit also uses the same MP-1 (fully articulated hand/manipulators) used by the 3.0.
Runner B

Runner C

Runner D1

Runner D2

Runner E

Runner F

Runner G1
 *Nope, no runner G2
Runner H

Runner I

Polycaps and 2 sticker sheets for the markings and colors
So, you might be wondering, is the Gundam The Origin kit a whole new kit on its own?  My answer is 90% yes.

Runners A to H are all new runners, bearing the オリジン (Origin) mark which initially says that these runners were really meant for the The Origin version of the RX-78 and unique to kit itself.

However, only Runner I has this:
'Gundam Ver 2.0'
Runner I basically contains a few inner-frame parts which is used by the kit.  So we could say that the inner-frame of the The Origin version is in fact a redesigned version of the 2.0.

Also another thing to note is that the RX-78-02 does not have a core fighter as its core-block, therefore you won't get a core fighter like in the earlier releases of the granddaddy.  It was designed that way in the manga and so it is also implemented in the kit.


Aside from the instruction manual, there is just this small flyer about the upcoming blu-ray releases for some iconic Gundam series ever released.
 *I am actually interested on this Stardust Memory Blu-ray release.  I am not interested on getting the blu-ray per se, rather I am curious if Bandai is also going to release something else to celebrate the popularity of this mini-series.  Something like a ver 2.0 for the 0083 kits, perhaps?

Final Words

I would have to say, this kit has me excited on building it.  It is, after all, a wish-came-true for me.  It breathes a new life to the granddaddy Gundam by giving it some new toys.  Browsing thru the manual, I saw that it is an easier build compared to the 3.0.  Bandai basically redesigned some elements from 2.0 and incorporated the The Origin design to create this 'Old Dog with New Trick' and make it on par with the current Master Grade spirit.  I am confident to say that this is a must have for true Gundam collectors, specially for the UC-lovers like me.
Too bad, this might sit on my backlogs pile as I am still building my 3.0, but even so, I am thinking this will be the first Gunpla kit I will apply minor weathering to.  The box art is definitely my main inspiration for this build when I get to it.

If you want to check out how it differs to the 3.0, kindly check the unboxing I made here.

Once again, thanks for tuning in and please stay tuned as I progress on my different projects.
See you again soon :)

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