Tuesday, February 9, 2016

[Unboxing][Review]Gundam Converge#01 No.120 and 121 (Nu Gundam and Sazabi)

Minovsky Bros

While I am still customizing two kits as of this writing, I went to a recent Otaku Expo here in the Philippines.  While enjoyed taking pictures of and with wonderful and beautiful cosplayers, I managed to pick some kits (mainly and RG Destiny ang Wing EW) and also managed to spot two nice Gundam Converge figures:
Small haul from Otaku Expo 2016
I gave the RG Wing EW to my younger bro

Yep, it's the two MIA suits xD

I have been planning to get Gundam Converge figures for a while now.  I just couldn't find a good one to get but then a few hours before we left the expo, I saw these two on the Wattatoys booth.  It was like destiny/fate for me to see these two.  They are also properly priced.  It's like they were said to have turned to Minovsky particles by the end of the Char's Counterattack (U.C. 0093) but returned in this form for me to get them xD.  Anyway, these two, I believe, are must-haves for a UC lover like me and you should not just buy the other one, they must be both as a pair or else Lala Sune will be crying her newtype ass off.  Getting these two made me more excited than getting the RG kit above.  Given so, let's look at how it is presented here.

The Presentation

 The box/packaging is very straight-forward and can be opened through perforations.  You may keep the boxes or throw it away, but for me it's also kinda nice to keep due to the nice design/art used :)

The Contents

Converge figures come partially assembled and already pre-painted and requires a minor final assembly.
No. 120 - Nu Gundam contents

No. 121 - Sazabi
All you have to do is plug the accessories on the figure and pose them as you would like them.  Both them comes with a platform as their main display base.

The Figures

So without further delays, here they are in assembled form:
I would have to say, the Nu even on this form looks mighty bad-ass.  It comes with its shield and beam rifle
 ...along with its one-winged fin funnel configuration and its bazooka, which can be stowed at its back (though I am not sure if it was an intended storage for the bazooka).  Unfortunately, only the right hand can hold a weapon, so will need to choose what you will make it hold for its final display form.  I think you could also opt to do panel washing to bring the details out even better.
It also comes with small runner of tiny "T" and "L" bits.  As the small instruction sheet says, these bits are 'detail-up' parts which you have to insert on depressions on its shoulders and legs.  Not sure how it 'ups the details' but I guess you better them on or leave the figure with weird holes on it.
 The Sazabi on the other hand is somehow as majestic as its MG Ver. Ka big brother.  It comes with its shield and beam long rifle and its two funnel dispensers at its back.
Though like the Nu, it can only hold one weapon at a time.  One weird thing is that the hand that holds the rifle is stuck to the rifle itself so you will have to replace hands altogether if you will be switching what weapon you want it to hold.  By the way, the Nu Gundam did not come with a beam weapon to match the Sazabi's.  But I guess it is okay since you won't be able to pose them melee-fighting anyway.
Bandai gum
Oh and by the way, each of the figures comes with this Bandai gum which they always mention in promotional materials.  I haven't tried it yet, but I am afraid to do so haha.

I should say, I now love Gundam Converge Figures.

Final Words

Since I was a kid, I already got the SD version of these two when it came out in the late 90's.  I really loved the Nu back then and loved the story behind these two mobile suits.  Finding them in this form is truly nostalgic for me.  These two suits are in my top favorite mobile suits that the Gundam universes has ever churned out.  It features the last suits that eternal rival newtypes Amuro and Char piloted - until they went MIA or something.  Having them in this easy-to-love form is a plus even for a plastic modeller like me.  I already built the Sazabi last 2014 and I already have the Hi-Nu in the stockpile, but seeing these two side by side makes me want to get the Nu Ver. Ka too.

I really would suggest modellers out there to get Converge figures as well - they really are kind of inspiring to have in display.  I actually feel like getting the the GP01Fb-GP02 Converge package I saw as I also love those two suits.

Anyway, I hope this inspires you as well.  Please come back again another time as I will be posting the WIPs on my 2 parallel customization projects.  See you all again soon :)

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